Stress Management as a way to take care of your heart #WorldHeartDay #UseHeart

Knowing that stress is an important risk factor for hypertension, on the occasion of #WorldHeartDay 2022, we asked our colleagues what they do to reduce and manage stress. See what they answered! #UseHeart

Here are some ways to mange stress:

  • enjoy a good weekend football
  • have a good sleep after stressful day
  • have a good meal
  • listen to cool song
  • drawing irregular shape
  • listening to highlife song
  • taking long walk
  • listening to jazz music
  • watch movie
  • meditating on bible verses
  • reading a romance novel
  • watching comic videos and skits
  • drink some water
  • dancing alone at home
  • toasting babe
  • create boundaries and learn to say no
  • eat, exercise, listen to music and sleep

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